Zeffertt Family History
Wednesday, April 6, 2022 2:48 PM

This web site is for anything related to the Zeffertt family genealogy.

If you would like to log in to see the more personal stuff then please email me by clicking on the email link at the bottom of the page. If you would like more information or have spotted a mistake then also email. I usually reply within a couple of days. Most family history queries will be passed on to Mike Zeffertt.

Any family members who would like to help update the information here are welcome to contact me with additions and corrections.

The gedcom for the Zeffertts was originally compiled by Mike Zeffertt. The site is maintained by Torven Zeffertt.

Torven Zeffertt

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    Sydney Zeffertt (1886–1981) Judah Lewis Glick + Fanny Amelia Zeffertt Rose Ida Jacobs Zeffertt (1885–1938) Robert Benjamin Dale (1922–1991) Gertrude Mabel Hesselberg (1897–) Esther Blumenthal (1888–1960) Arthur Zeffertt (1907–1943) Rose Shmulovitz (1865–1895) Simcha Berliner (1864–1925) Isaac Emmanuel Blumenthal (1887–1960) Lesser Zeffertt (1855–1910) Abraham Alfred Joseph (1885–1966) Harry Zeffert (1882–1973) Emma Rabow (1875–1938) Moses Abraham Blumenthal (1876–1930) Myer Zeffertt (1828–1914) Abraham Levine Glaser (1842–1927) Violet Dale (1909–1995) Myer Zeffertt (1828–1914) John Nathaniel Norgrove + Clara Mary McKinstry Montague Baun + Hannah Francis Woolfe Anna Gittel Bruksztejn (1860–1945) Elizabeth Suffolk (1854–1925) Joseph Zeffertt + Sarah Levy Rachel Blumenthal (1873–1943) Norton Douglas Dale MBE (1918–2005) Mark Kartoffel (1874–1952) Helmut Israel Sommer (1906–1999) Thomas Rogers Blumenthal (1927–2002) Miriam Blumenthal (1885–1963) Michael Zeffertt (1889–1974) Binyamin Szaja Berliner (1831–1903) Iris Renee Parker (1921–1999) Harry Zeffertt (1891–1957) Krendla Teper (1826–1912) Leopold Baun (1871–1915) Abraham Morris Gutman (1874–) Sidney Knight (1907–1958) Stanley Isidore Zeffertt (1925–) Israel Klein (1886–1942) Dora Blumenthal (1883–1938)