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William Robert Giblin (1840–1887) William Henry Burgoyne (1904–1970) William Charles Hacker (1866–1904) William Adams Heath + Sarah Gorwyn Richard Henry Burgoyne (1943–2018) William Burgoyne + Sarah Buckingham Lord George Lambert (1866–1958) Richard Frank Camp (1895–1962) Watson Hume Moffat (1878–) David Whitelaw (1875–1971) Mary Ann Burgoyne (1852–1908) John Baker Burgoyne + Eleanor Shell James Sanderson Moffat (1875–1918) Horace Carleton Lambert-Gorwyn (1886–1917) William Baker Burgoyne + Susanna Hayman John Blackler (1830–1899) William Burgoyne (1875–1918) Sarah Lambert Clogg (1883–1899) Eliza Jane Burgoyne (1864–1956) George Warden + Sally Wanostrocht Stafford Lambert-Gorwyn (1853–1915) Helen Norah Lambert-Gorwyn (1916–2008) Sarah Buckingham (1850–1938) Georgina Ethel Lambert-Gorwyn (1906–2000) David Whitelaw (1875–1971) Georgina Amelia Harriet Williams (1872–1952) George Bray Hockings + Henrietta Burgoyne John Baker Burgoyne (1823–1910) Vincent Wanostrocht (1783–1824) Elizabeth Wanostrocht (1826–1856) Sarah Buckingham (1850–1938) Horace Carleton Lambert-Gorwyn + Georgina Amelia Harriet Williams Dudley Vernon Wanostrocht (1888–1943) Stafford Lambert-Gorwyn (1853–1915) John Burgoyne (1857–1941) Theodore John Valentine Feilden (1863–1955) David Whitelaw (1875–1971) David Whitelaw (1875–1971) John Burgoyne (1857–1941) Robert Burgoyne (–1808) William Burgoyne + Nell Rayleigh Riches Hilda Isabella Lambert-Gorwyn (1880–1976) Georgina Amelia Harriet Williams (1872–1952) Andrew Ernest McKeand (1859–1923) Susan Rose (1851–1916) Horace Carleton Lambert-Gorwyn (1886–1917) William Henry Burgoyne (1904–1970) Horace Carleton Lambert-Gorwyn (1886–1917)