Jimmy The Swiper


An interesting online article from the New York Times from Wednesday 28 January, 1894, regarding James 'Jimmie the Swiper' Zeffert. You drop the double tee and that's where it all starts to go wrong. We've no other records of Jimmie yet - so, any further details would be most gratefully received.

"James Zeffert, who, although but fourteen years old, has already gained the sobriquet of "Jimmie the Swiper" by his success in pilfering small articles, was a prisoner yesterday at the Yorkville Police Court. Friday morning a teacher at the East Sixty-eighth Street primary school sent one of her pupils out to get change for a five-dollar bill. "Jimmie"  met the girl on the street and snatched the pocketbook containing the bill out of the child's hand. He took the bill and threw the pocketbook back to the child. The theft was reported to the police, and "Jimmie" was arrested yesterday morning as he was getting out of bed. He acknowledged his guilt. He was held for trial. "Jimmie" distinguished himself some time ago by stealing a half dollar from a policeman who was buying a paper at a news stand."

New York Times article