Family History

There are four family histories that I've been following - the Zeffertt, Burgoyne (Posh and my family) and (Denise's) Young families. Having won a year's subscription to in January I'm hoping to have lots of extra rellies I can add to the family trees. There's a number of people from the different family trees who've intrigued me and for whom I'd like to get more information eventually.

  • Annie Zeffert was a 1st cousin (3 times removed) lost at sea with her children in 1896 on the Drummond Castle returning to England from South Africa.
  • Joseph Zeffertt Joseph is the only Zeffertt for whom I've managed to find some FBI Files. He may not be a relative as his family has not yet been linked to ours.
  • Edward Rutherford Possibly at the opposite end of the "terrorist-comedian spectrum" is Edward Rutherford the family comedian. Listed in the 1911 Census as comedian - who wouldn't want to know more. At some point I must research Edwardian Music-hall comedians.
  • Julia Smith had a complicated relationship with the Young family.
  • Henry Painter Buckingham my 4 x Great Grandfather, a sailor who was lost at sea returning from Newfoundland some time before 1839.
  • John Young is the 4 x Great Grandfather to Rosie and Ewan. There are two candidates for his parents and his birth would be 1806 or 1807,
  • Horace Carleton Lambert-Gorwyn  I suppose everyone has a tragic grandfather - Also known as Horace Lambert here's mine.
  • Eliza Jane Burgoyne a first cousin (4 times removed) was an actress from the 1880s to the 1910s. She was known as Jeanie or Jeanne Burgoyne. I'm trying to find out what happened to her after 1910/11. She may have married Herbert Hollister in 1903.

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